YouTuber shows off their real-life GTA 5 penthouse worth millions of dollars

Popular YouTube Content creators have successfully made tons of money through the Google website over the years, with every YouTuber leveraging their success to acquire things that were previously beyond their wildest dreams. A YouTube creator has decided to buy a real one GTA 5 penthouse and has unveiled the Rockstar-inspired residence on another channel.

Jordi Maxim van den Bussche usually posts videos on their YouTube channel known as Kwebbelkop, but his GTA 5 penthouse tour was shared with the Dexerto Originals channel. Kwebbelkop covers a wide variety of games on his YouTube channel, such as GTA 5 and Minecraft, with a major focus on completing challenges in both games when unresponsive to other content. Kwebbelkop’s YouTube channel has a following of nearly 15 million subscribers, and most of his videos reach more than 80,000 viewers, stats that likely contributed to his ability to be a genuine GTA 5 penthouse.


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chatterheads GTA 5 penthouse in Amsterdam cost the YouTuber $7.5 million back, and it includes lavish centerpieces such as a custom sculpture, a $40,000 smart piano that plays itself, a $45,000 shelf of collectibles, a large and powerful hot tub and a giant replica of a $60,000 bonsai tree. Going beyond the luxurious amenities that make Kwebbelkop’s GTA 5-inspired penthouse, Kwebbelkop also boasts two lounge areas, one with an incredible $22,000 TV and a $10,000 pool table in the middle of the other. Kwebbelkop’s collection shelf contains several priceless pieces from KAWS that were recently featured in Fortnitea tiny T-rex skull, several books, and the YouTubers diamond play button he earned for over 10 million subscribers.

In addition to a 16th-century art cabinet that Kwebbelkop shows off, there are several works of art in the GTA 5 penthouse like a photo of a famous Dutch musician and a poster under a neon sign that reminds the YouTuber that he got where he is by living free from the limitations of life. Kwebbelkop also shows off a $20,000 sauna and an incredible $8,000 gym with a treadmill and plenty of equipment, both of which are in regular use, unlike the penthouse guest bedroom. While Kwebbelkop thinks other content creators can “go bigger” than the penthouse serving as one of GTA 5Even the most expensive things, he remains skeptical that anyone will be able to match the style of his Amsterdam location.

Due to his long YouTube journey, many comments on Kwebbelkop’s GTA 5 penthouse tour expresses his enthusiasm for his ability to get through multiple hardships to find happiness. Some of Kwebbelkop’s longtime fans used the house tour as an opportunity to reflect on everything MinecraftGTA RP and reaction videos Kwebbelkop made to get the diamond play button like many other YouTube content creators before him, let alone the GTA 5 penthouse. Chatterhead remains doubtful if he can reach 100 million YouTube subscribers, but given his current success and words of encouragement from his audience, he may continue to push his way to the next milestone.

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