Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes

Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes allows players to play as almost all units of Fire Emblem: Three Houses, including the four members of the Ashen Wolves from the DLC. This guide explains how to reunite the Ashen Wolves and access them as playable units.

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Hapi was the main Valkyrie unit in Fire Emblem: Three Houses, with the mysterious emblem of Timotheos and the ability to summon monsters when she sighs. However, her lack of control over this power (and the way people treat her because of it) has made her apathetic and cynical towards those in positions of power.


Her talents as a spellcaster are preserved in Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopesalthough the Valkyrie class is not available so her favorite class is now Gremory.

Hapi’s Personal Ability “Nether Sigh” creates fields of dark damage when she performs a strong attack or completes her normal combo. Tapping ZR detonates these fields for an additional blast of dark damage, giving her excellent crowd-control abilities.

Her “Monstrous Appeal” ability allows her to deal a small amount of damage to a monster’s barriers, even if she doesn’t use an attack that matches one of the barriers. This gives her extra usefulness as a monster slayer. When given commands from the map, her “Power of the Night” ability increases the damage she deals to enemies when ordered to guard.

Hapi is an excellent spellcaster with access to a variety of powerful dark magic, and can eventually de Hero’s Relic Tome “Hrotti” to further enhance her spell list with access to Dark Spikes T.

This is how you unlock Hapi in each of the three routes:

  • Scarlet Blaze: Choose the “Convince Hapi” strategy in the main battle of Chapter 4 and activate the strategy as soon as possible when Hapi and Constance appear. Then just beat her to add her to the team.
  • Azure Blue Shine: As in Scarlet Blaze, choose the “Convince Hapi” strategy in the main battle of Chapter 4 and activate it as soon as Hapi appears. Beat her to recruit her.
  • Golden wildfire: Hapi appears towards the end of Chapter 9’s main battle, so grab the “Convince Hapi” strategy before starting the battle and activate it when she appears. Take her out and defeat equals friendship.

Hapi is an excellent addition to the team on every journey.


Constance Von Nuvelle of Huis Nuvelle is a former Imperial noble whose family has taken their titles and lands from them. Usually Constance is haughty, self-assured and domineering, despite maintaining a refined and polite manner of speaking.

Due to a tragedy in her past, she suffers from dual personality disorder, with sunny weather making her lethargic, apathetic and even self-deprecating. She carries Noa’s weapon.

Constance’s personal ability “Personality Shift” generates orbs as she attacks (light or dark, depending on which personality is currently dominant), which can be fired at enemies in front of her by tapping ZR.

Her “Emergent Magic” ability offers a chance to cast a more powerful version of each spellwhile “Resolute Path” reduces the damage taken when ordered to occupy a location.

Constance is a bit of a glass cannon, capable of unbelievable magical damage, but lacking defense, health and physical stats. She was the first Dark Flyer in Three housesbut Three Hope lacks the Dark Flyer class, so her preferred class is now Gremory.

She performs the role of attacking spellcaster exceptionally well, especially if she has a sturdier teammate to keep enemies busy.

Here’s how to recruit Constance on any route:

  • Scarlet Blaze: Choose the “Convince Constance” tactic for the main battle of Chapter 4, activate it when she appears and defeat her to recruit her. She appears at the same time as Hapi, so players looking to get the wolves back together should make sure they also complete the steps to recruit Hapi during this fight.
  • Azure Blue Shine: Choose the “Convince Constance” tactic for the main battle of Chapter 11, activate it and defeat her in battle.
  • Golden wildfire: During the main battle of Chapter 9, use the “Convince Constance” tactic when she appears, then defeat her in battle.

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Balthus, Leicester’s King of Grappling, is an exceptional hand-to-hand fighter with a serious gambling problem. Firm, careless, yet non-judgmental and surprisingly empathetic, Balthus is an exceptionally strong addition to the team on every route, acting as the sole combat specialist on some routes. He carries Chevalier’s coat of arms.

Balthus’ “Golden Fists” ability gives him more attack power in proportion to his number of hits once he crosses a certain threshold, while causing an enemy sent to donate some gold (hopefully enough to help cover his debts).

His “King of Grappling” ability makes him even more dangerous even when injured by significantly increasing his critical speed when he is below a certain percentage of health.

“Raging Tempest” increases his damage dealt to enemies when commanded to grab, allowing him to push forward and easily take enemy strongholds even when not under the player’s control.

Balthus is a very strong physical fighter who deals massive damage and has a fair amount of defense and health to keep him going. Using fist weapons like his Hero’s Relic Vajra-Mushti allows him to deal even more damage when fighting mages and other tome-wielding spells, and he performs best with these types of weapons.

Balthus can be recruited on each route in the following ways:

  • Scarlet Blaze: Activate the “Convince Balthus” strategy during the main battle of Chapter 6, activate it when he appears, then take him out to recruit him.
  • Azure Blue Shine: Activate the “Convince Balthus” strategy at the main battle of Chapter 10, activate it when he enters the field and take him out to add him to the team.
  • Golden wildfire: Activate the “Convince Balthus” strategy in the main battle of Chapter 4, activate it after he arrives, then take him out to recruit him.


Yuri, the Vicious Mockingbird, is the leader of the Ashen Wolves and a highly skilled tactician. He has a sharp tongue and a reserved demeanor, but this hides the fact that he can be quite nice. He is a con man, manipulator and participates in illegal markets, although much of this is done to help the less fortunate, and he carries Aubin’s lost weapon.

Yuri’s “cheating” skill allows him to create a wind orb that attracts enemies before they explode, help him group enemies for follow-up attacks while dealing some extra damage. His “Twilight” ability is powerful but tricky to use, he recovers part of his awakening meter when he performs a perfect dodge, and “Honorable Spirit” increases his damage to enemies when ordered to defend.

The leader of the Ashen Wolves is also the only one whose favorite class made it to Three Hope, “imposter.” With a mix of sword fighting, incredible speed, knife throwing and magic, Yuri has no shortage of ways to put pressure on his enemies.

Yuri is an excellent addition to the team on any route, although he and Petra share the same preferred classes. His Hero’s Relic “Fetters of Dromi,” allows him to move at the speed of a mounted unit at all times, making him an exceptionally fast unit that can easily cross the map to get exactly where he is needed.

Here’s how to recruit Yuri on any route:

  • Scarlet Blaze: Activate the “Convince Yuri” strategy after he enters the battlefield in Chapter 10, then take him out to recruit him.
  • Azure Gleam: Activate the “Convince Yuri” strategy in Chapter 9 and defeat him in combat to get him on the team.
  • Golden Wildfire: Activate the “Convince Yuri” strategy in Chapter 10 when he arrives; take him down, and then he will join.

Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes is available for Nintendo Switch.

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