Best Elden Ring weapons to find early in Limgrave

The difference between life and death is sometimes as simple as what you have in your hands. At the start of your journey in Elden Ring, you choose a weapon that could be your monster killer of choice for much of the game. In fact, it can last the entire game. Because of that, and because the upgrade system requires rare resources, you’ll want to pick something you like and master it early.

Maybe you’re looking for something big and slow for great damage potential, or maybe you want to be fast and aggressive with a smaller dex weapon so you can maintain adequate mobility. There are so many options that you may even want to switch between styles right away.

As you enter Limgrave you may find yourself overwhelmed by the number of places you can visit, leaving you wondering where to go to get your hands on some solid weapons to use during the opening hours of your adventure . Luckily, we’ve got you covered with the five best weapons to grab early in Limgrave.


The Twinblade is a deadly weapon with blades on each side of the hilt, and it requires 10 Strength and 18 Dexterity to use. Perfectly executable as a one-handed or two-handed weapon, it offers quick sequential attacks with plenty of spinning animations for a unique visual flourish. Since it only requires 10 Strength, it is ideal for a dex build, although the evenly balanced “Quality” build can use it as well.

The default weapon ability for the Twinblade is Spinning Slash, a fast spinning attack that uses a decent chunk of FP but deals heavy damage to enemies caught in the combo.

Twinblade Location at Dragon-Burnt Ruins
Twinblade Location at Dragon-Burnt Ruins

The Dragon-Burnt Ruins is really just a collection of collapsed buildings with a few weak enemies around, so it shouldn’t be too much of a problem for you. Go to the southern part of the ruins and go into the basement there to find the Twinblade waiting for you to try it out.

Important Note: There’s another basement nearby that will require you to double-jump Torrent to access it, but it’s best avoided as it will teleport you to a place you’re not ready for.


Reduvia is a powerful option for dagger users, especially in the early game. It helps that it’s an aesthetically intriguing weapon that will keep you looking cool as you defeat enemies.

Reduvia requires 5 Strength and 13 Dexterity to use. His Blood Blade weapon ability is a ranged attack that uses a small amount of FP to fire bloody projectiles that cause bleeds to enemies. Please note that it is unique to Reduvia and cannot be deleted, replaced, transferred or found anywhere else.

Reduvia location near Murkwater Cave
Reduvia location near Murkwater Cave

Defeating Bloody Finger Nerijus isn’t that hard. Just dodge or block his flurry of attacks, then counter him with a few hits of his own. Eventually, you’ll be joined by an NPC ally named Yura, who will greatly help you finish Blood Finger Nerijus once and for all. Keep in mind, though, that Yura will take some time to get to you, so you can always head south on the riverbed a bit to meet him halfway through and make the fight a little faster. Anyway, if you finish the ghost, you’ll get the blood-soaked dagger you crave.

long sword

The Longsword is one of the most used weapons in all From Software games, and for good reason. This basic straight sword requires 10 Strength and 10 Dexterity to wield, and it has a great set of moves that are useful in almost any scenario.

The Longsword’s weapon ability is Square Off, which gives you a powerful upward strike with R1 or a dashing thrust with R2. It’s simple but hugely effective in close encounters.

Kalé sells a long sword in the church of Elleh
Kalé sells a long sword in the church of Elleh

Kalé sells a Longsword for a reasonable price, and he also has a ton of other important items for the early part of your journey, including a craft kit and a flashlight for exploring dark areas, so you’ll want to grow enough runes to cover everything he has. buy as soon as possible.


The Flail has a spiked ball on a chain that looks like it would hurt really bad, so it’s a good option for taking the pain to your enemies. It is also a brand new weapon type in the From Software game series.

The Flail requires 12 Strength and 12 Dexterity to wield. His weapon ability is Spinning Chain, which spins the striking part of the flail at high speed and can then combine into normal and heavy attacks for some pretty significant damage.

You can get the Flail almost immediately after you get out of the tutorial area in Limgrave, as it’s in a chest in a large camp nearby called the Gateside Ruins.

Flail Location at the Gateside Ruins
Flail Location at the Gateside Ruins

You can walk around slowly and try to quietly take out all the soldiers one by one, but if the trumpet-wielding guy in the middle happens to see you, he’ll announce your presence and the whole camp will lay the blow on you. When that happens, you can make an effort to take them down in packs with magic or big vertical weapon swings, or you can just run away and reset the area.

big ax

The Greataxe is a classic From Software weapon known for dealing slow swings for really high damage. It requires a whopping 30 Strength, but only 8 Dexterity to wield.

Barbarian Roar is the weapon skill associated with the Greataxe. Using it gives you a boost to attack power, while also giving your heavy attacks powerful combos, making it a very useful tool if you can use it right before taking on an enemy.

The carriage with the Greataxe
The carriage with the Greataxe

The Greataxe can be found in a carriage that makes its way along the main road east of Aheel Lake, which itself is east of where you first enter Limgrave. Driving the carriage around can take a while, but it’s hard to miss the two giant trolls slowly pulling it down the road. If you don’t see them at first, just walk down the path in either direction until you do.

You must kill at least one of the two trolls before the carriage finally comes to a complete stop. In addition, there are other minor enemies that travel alongside, but they are easy to kill, so it may be worth taking them all out to make it less chaotic. Once the carriage has stopped and the area is clear, wrap around it to find a chest that can be opened to get to the Greataxe. You are well equipped in the hand, but what in mind? Take our Elden Ring tips for beginners on your journey, or use our guide hub for even more help.

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